What We Do

We are committed to curing all cancers


Our Foundation exists not only to honor two wonderful individuals whose lives were cut short by cancer, but also to educate the community on new developments that show great promise in curing the disease. In addition, we seek the public’s assistance (individuals, various groups, philanthropists, industry, and government) to help make this possible in the near future, and as soon as possible!

Specifically, and with your assistance, we are attempting to:


— Promote Breakthrough Treatments

The Delivering Cures for Cancer Foundation was created to promote brand new and wholly innovative cancer treatments. In particular, we advocate a targeted tumor-specific delivery system that relies on nanomedicine, which we and others believe is the most promising therapy that now exists for curing cancer. This approach, developed by world-renowned Nanotechnologist and Oncologist, Dr. Esther Chang, is unlike any other treatment currently available because it places a bull’s eye specifically on cancer cells, greatly enhancing efficacy without damaging normal, healthy tissues and organs. By targeting cancer cells specifically, the treatment eliminates side effects commonly associated with chemotherapy while it delivers drugs, tumor-suppressing genes and other agents directly to tumors. This creates one of the most promising treatments ever developed.

We also recommend several new screening approaches that can detect cancers at very early stages when lives can be saved.


— Advocate for Patients

At Delivering Cures for Cancer, we serve as patient advocates, raising the standard of care for every person suffering from cancer, regardless of socioeconomic or cultural background. We are also very concerned with the costs of cancer treatment. Both screening for early detection and the delivery system for the revolutionary treatment are very cost-effective approaches. Effective screening eliminates the far-higher costs of late stage therapy, while the delivery system eliminates most costs associated with side effects.