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Get Involved and Help Save Lives


We are asking you to get involved, and to help advance what appears to be the most promising therapy ever for curing cancer. This is likely the only therapy that has ever cured all the major cancers in laboratory studies, and has already been shown to be safe for humans.

Cancer is now very common and without further intervention is expected to be the number one cause of death in the United States. Already, more than half a million Americans die annually from this disease. Each of us, our family members and relatives, our friends and fellow citizens, are all at significant risk.

We now believe there is something we can do about it to change the course of events, and we encourage you to join us to help make a difference as soon as possible.

We ask you to:

— Promote

We encourage you to tell your family, friends, colleagues, and health care providers about our Foundation and ask them to support this important cause. In addition, if you have contacts or know of any individuals in other non-profits, industries, government, or philanthropists, please introduce them to and encourage them to support our cause, and to encourage others to do the same.

— Donate

We accept most credit cards via our online donation service, Network for Good. If you would like to send us a check, please send it to the following address:

Delivering Cures for Cancer Foundation
4701 Randolph Rd.
Suite 207
Rockville MD 20852
*All donations are tax deductible.


— Advocate

Our cause is very simple – to promote research, treatment options, and screenings that have been proven to save lives – and our request for support is equally simple. If you as an individual or an organization or other entity share our passion to make cures for cancer a reality in the near future and want to do more, please contact us.

— Like Us

Social media is a powerful tool to spread the message about The Delivering Cures for Cancer Foundation. One simple, yet effective way to do so is via social sites such as Facebook.  Please follow us.

— Acknowledgements

We wish to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed and assisted to help bring our website to fruition. In addition, we wish to acknowledge the following individuals who, like members of our team, have made significant contributions without any remuneration: Stephen Smith (Smitty World Films) for production and editing of multiple videos, and the Fox and Shore families and friends.

Get the latest updates on our research.

Delivering Cures for Cancer
4701 Randolph Rd.
Suite 207
Rockville MD 20852
*All donations are tax deductible.


support us and change
the future of cancer.

Drs. Ronald Shore and Joseph Fox, who founded Delivering Cures for Cancer and The Paula Shore/Sari Fox Foundation, receive no salary, income or other compensation from the Foundation. Their donations have covered the majority of the start up costs including website, legal, accounting, administrative, and promotions expenses. Dr. Shore, whose skin cancer screening program is described on this website, has helped to educate fellow dermatologists and other medical personnel on how to perform highly effective skin cancer screening through international lectures and publications, largely at personal expense. Honoraria for his presentations, if provided, have been returned to the institution (e.g. University of Pennsylvania), or given to charity (e.g. The Society for Dermatologic Physician Assistants).  He receives no other compensation from industry, academic institutions or other entities. Dr. Shore has volunteered his time and knowledge on screening to 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc., the developer of the PAULAs Test, a new blood test for early detection of lung cancer.  He has also served on its Medical Advisory Board. He has received no remuneration for these forms of assistance. Dr. Shore and Dr. Fox were each approached by 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc. to purchase shares to help the company continue its research, and both agreed to do so. Their investments in the company, in each case, represent well under 1% of total investments. Neither physician holds any controlling or voting position in the company, nor draws any salary or other compensation. Dr. Shore and Dr. Fox, who for several years have spoken to various individualsorganizations and government personnel to try to advance Dr. Esther Chang’s research, were each approached by SynerGeneTherapeutics, Inc., the financial entity helping to fund her research, to purchase shares to help her continue her clinical trials. Both agreed to do so. Their investments in the company, in each case, represent well under 1% of total investments.  Neither physician holds any controlling or voting position in the company, nor draws any salary or other compensation. Other members of the Shore and Fox families have assisted the development of the Foundation and its website through donations, administrative assistance, and technical assistance preparing the videos.  No members of either family have drawn salaries nor received other compensation. Dr. Esther Chang was asked by the Founders to act as an advisor and to provide technical assistance, particularly regarding development of the videos on the website that explain her technology, and she agreed to do so.  She holds no controlling or voting position on Delivering Cures for Cancer or the Paula Shore/Sari Fox Foundation, nor draws any salary or other compensation. Delivering Cures for Cancer (DC4C) was formerly known as, and remains the organization’s legal 501(c)(3) entity under the name The Paula Shore/Sari Fox Foundation (PSSF). Dr. Ronald Shore, Dr. Joseph Fox – December 31, 2014